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By sending your horse to us it will learn confidence, strength and gain mileage that will set them up very well for their future riding careers. Whether your horse has been sent to us for schooling, breaking in, or you have come for lessons, our aim is to produce a happy and well mannered horse, which our client can enjoy.

The horses welfare is at all times paramount. Routine, attention to detail, and correct training techniques produce a healthy and happy horse.

All our horses recieve individual attention and their work is varied and educational. Whether your young horse is learning about life, or is destined for Dressage or Eventing, the time spent with us will build a solid foundation to enable your horse to achieve the best results possible.

Fiona Craig

Fiona has had a lifetime of involvement in competitive equestrian sports specialising in dressage with much success. In 1987 Fiona left New Zealand for Europe to train and compete.

Fiona says "It was a tremendous experience for which I gained a great deal of knowledge. During my time in Europe I had considerable success especially after I chose to specialise in dressage. My fellow competitors were amongst the leading dressage riders in the world."

Fiona Craig is the highest achieving New Zealand dressage rider on the international scene. In 1990, she was awarded the British Points Champion and in 1991 she was given the Hunt Francis award for being the most successful dressage rider at Advanced level under the age of thirty. She then went on to achieve many top placings at International level, in particular being 3rd in the Grand Prix Special at the Rotterdam CDIO.

During her time spent in England Fiona worked with David Hunt and in Europe she worked with Jean Bemhelmns. Laterally she trained in Holland with Sjef Janssen (Dutch Dressage Team Manager, and trainer/husband of Anky van Grunsven).

Having helped in training the NZ Olympic Eventing team, Fiona is extremely well qualified with Eventers and Eventing Horses. Fiona worked with Blyth Tait, Dan Jocelyn, Vicky Latta, Anna Herman etc through the 90's in the UK.

Competitive Achievements

  • Fiona and her horse Marcus were the only combination in England to qualify for Novice, Elementary, Medium and Advanced Medium Regional finals all in one year
  • Although Fiona and Marcus won all four regional finals, the rules dictated that Fiona could only participate in two finals. She went on to win the Elementary and was 3rd in the Advanced Medium
  • Marcus unbeaten at Prix St George and Intermediare I levels
  • First year at Grand Prix gained Olympic qualification for Barcelona (at only 8 years old)
  • 3rd in the Grand Prix Kur, Renne CDI 1992
    3rd in the Grand Prix, Rome CDI 1992
    2nd in the Grand Prix, Arnhem CDI 1992
    11th in the Grand Prix Kur, Aachen CDIO 1993
    3rd in the Grand Prix Special, Rotterdam CDIO 1993
  • At the British Selection Trials (for the European Championships), Fiona competed and was placed second to the subsequent European Bronze medalist Emille Faurie, however, as she was competing for New Zealand her placing was not counted

Emily Lawrie

Emily is a fulltime working pupil with Fiona, and is currently riding the beautiful mare Lady Michala (Holly). She has, with Fiona's help, trained Holly all the way through to Advanced Level dressage and the combination are really showing some great work.

Emily is also riding a second horse, Dorian T, currently at Novice Level 2 Dressage. The major wins she has had with Dorian T are:

Competitive Achievements

Emily has had many wins and placings through the levels, with major ones being:

  • Medium Level 4 Champion Northland 2010
  • Placed at Horse of the Year Medium Level 4 2010
  • Reserve Showfields Young Rider Champion 2010
  • 3rd in the National Young Rider Award 2010
  • Reserve Auckland Young Rider Champion Open Medium Level 5
  • Winner of the Prelim Level 1 National Young Rider Performance Award
  • Reserve Champion Auckland Young Rider Prelim Level 1 Award
  • Northland Dressage Novice Level 2 Champion 2012
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