Dressage Lessons

During a lesson, Fiona's aim is to get the horse and rider working together as one.

International competitions require flawless performances, from horse and rider. As such, Fiona pays strong attention to the rider's position, in order to achieve an elegant picture.

If required, part of the lesson involves Fiona riding the horse. This enables Fiona to gain a better understanding of what the rider is feeling and therefore improve the horse's way of going and in turn, allows the rider to get a better feel for what they need to achieve.

Dressage lessons range from novice to Grand Prix.
Sessions are in 30 minute or 45 minute durations.
Group sessions of up to three people can be arranged.

If required, Fiona is available for Clinics.
North to South Island.
Up to ten riders per day ( individual sessions ).
One to three days.

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