Dressage training for Event horses.

Over the years the Dressage discipline for the Event horse has improved greatly. As such, the quality of the performance has to be of a higher calibre.

I have always struggled with flatwork . . . Fiona has made it simple for me, which is what I like. Some trainers can seem so scientific. With an event horse it is important to keep continuity through the three phases. I want to ride forward and light which is the foundation I need for jumping. Fiona insists that the horses are sharp and light, which is what I want, and all she does on the flat enhances my jumping work.

Blyth Tait - MBE

Fiona's basic principles on how the horse must go:

They must be light, sharp and in balance. This is crucial for the Event horse. This is important not only for the Dressage phase, but also for the Showjumping phase. The horse that is light in the rein and arrives at the fence in a balanced stride is going to do a better job of jumping the fence.

Whether Fiona is training a novice or four star horse, her principles are also the same. Everything is very simple and clear. Consistent and clear training methods produce a happy and willing horse for competition.

Fiona schooling Pioneer Zuess

Fiona competing on Pioneer Zuess at the Waitemata Dressage Championships

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