Schooling Horses

Whether you are a competitor looking to develop that winning edge or just a pleasure rider wanting to gain better balance and understanding of the basics we can work with you to take your riding to the next level.

Sending your horse for Dressage Schooling has many advantages.

It achieves a more established way of going for your horse, therefore when your horse goes home, your horse is easier to ride.

If there is a particular movement that needs some extra work, the consistent and clear training, will help establish the movement. Before a major competition, if everything needs sharpening and tidying, the training will help gain maximum results.

Skills your Horse will learn:

  • Further arena schooling at walk, trot, canter,
    to prepare horse for entry level competition
  • Fitness and readiness for the coming competition season
  • Basic flat schooling
  • Novice to Prix St George level Dressage schooling
  • Grand Prix level Dressage schooling
  • Schooling for jumpers on the flat

Fiona's basic principles on how the horse must go:

Fiona likes the horses to be light, elastic, and sharp off the leg. Horses that are light and easy to ride, encourages riders to be soft and light, a principle which every rider should be aiming to achieve.

Snickers' is a 4 year old mare, broken-in 6 months. Continuing her schooling with us, she is moving nicely forward, light and soft in the contact.

Snickers' is moving lovely and free. She is a little bit high in her neck, the rider is allowing with her hands to encourage the mare to take her neck out more.

Andre is a four year old gelding. Broken-in one year, he is moving nicely forward
and again, light and soft in the contact. Horse and rider are happy.

Andre is a little heavier in the rein here. Young horses are consistently changing
their balance, therefore patience and correct training techniques are paramount.

Andre again, is a little high in his neck. Having his head up is not a crime. Again the rider will just quietly ride forward into the contact and the horse will soften.

Andre again, now nice and soft.

Snickers' full of enthusiasm and jump.
A little short in the neck, but note the great hind leg.

A lovely shot of Andre cantering. Good hind leg, nice outline, and a happy horse!

Snickers' goes against the hand - this is all part of the learning curve.

Snickers' doing a baby leg-yeild.

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