Blyth Tait ~ MBE and Gold Medalist, Olympics Atlanta 1996

I have known Fiona Craig for over fifteen years now, developing a tremendously successful working relationship during this time. Fiona was my specialist dressage trainer throughout my competition career and was responsible for training myself and my horses to win gold medals at both the World Equestrian Games and Olympic Games.

Her training skills are undoubtedly exceptional having produced international standard winners learning her trade from the world's greatest coaches.

Any horse that Fiona worked with would certainly benefit greatly in performance and as a result would definitely increase substantially in value. Fiona is a tireless worker with excellent ethics, always striving to produce the best possible outcome for both the horse and her client.

Carl R Hester ~ Team Gold at European Championships 2011

Fiona is a knowledgeable and very hardworking person who has the insight to help both dressage and event horses very successfully.

Fiona sympathetically produced a very talented difficult horse to the highest level and was much admired for her skill and handling of this sometimes complicated horse. Fiona achieved many top placings at International Level.

It was a great pleasure to have worked with her when she was Blyth Tait's trainer when he won Individual Gold at Atlanta on Ready Teddy. In my mind Fiona is an absolute asset for any future employer and I would like to wish her well for her chosen career path.

Belinda Stuchbery

We had procrastinated about having our anamour filly broken in as there just didn't seem to be anything around Auckland that seemed to be what we were wanting. She was sweet by nature, but very flamboyant in her paces and at times her behaviour. Ideally we wanted her to remain herself under saddle but to receive traditional messages as she was bred with dressage in mind. She was also promising to be reasonably talented and we wanted to make the most of her natural athleticism.

She had turned 4 and still no decision had been made when I approached Fiona about taking her on.

What a great decision that was, I have been completely satisfied with the process and Fiona's knowledge and patience in dealing with our filly, has been instrumental to the result that we now have.

Fiona has the experience required to look at a horse as an artist might approach a blank canvas and taking all influences into account create the best result for the horse's welfare. Her training techniques are sensible and appropriate to where the horse will need to perform.

The horses are beautifully cared for, groomed and pampered every day, well socialised with people, dogs, traffic and farm machinery and hacked out as well as schooled in the arena each week.

We are pleased with our decision and excited about the future for our mare.

Renai Hart

Fiona Craig and Emily Lawrie took on my 3 year old Hanovarian Gelding 'Prince' as a "re-break".

They started right back at the beginning of his education, so much time and patience was needed and taken!

Prince was brought on kindly and slowly. His wellbeing and welfare was and has been paramount. I watched every day the progress he made, and the trust he gained with both Fiona and Emily.

We now take Prince to the forest, he happily hacks around the farm and has a good work ethic. He is trusting and very happy.

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